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As more and more security threats overburden scarce technology resources, companies are vulnerable to risks that will be expensive to mitigate.
Account Life Cycle Management
Identity management for an enterprise includes creating new user accounts, updating accounts and removing access for that person from various systems. This represents the lifecycle maintenance of the user's identity and accounts assigned on various systems.

Designing the account life cycle management requires in-depth skills in both processes and technology. The workflows involved in managing an identity from birth or provisioning to removal or de-provisioning can be quite complex. These can involve:

  • Data feed from an authoritative source (such as the HR system).
  • Approvals from manager and resource owners.
  • Determination of entitlements via direct assignment or roles.
  • Creating accounts in various systems.
  • Linking and updating any existing accounts.
  • Notifications via email.

Over the last decade, INTELILOGIX Inc. has helped many customers implement account life cycle maintenance using Identity Management software to streamline their business processes.