Take the guess work out of security.
Streamline Identity Management.
As more and more security threats overburden scarce technology resources, companies are vulnerable to risks that will be expensive to mitigate.
Identity Management Solutions
Managing user's access to various systems across an organization has been a challenge. Often the process to grant access is quiet complicated. It requires multiple levels of approvals and manual work done by system administrators. This consumes time while the user is unproductive during this time.

Identity Management software solves all of these complex issues. These processes can be automated and the duration of granting system access can be reduced to mere minutes instead of weeks. In addition to granting privileges, identity management can also keep track of user's access over time, and remove access when the user leaves.

However, implementation of an Identity Management software requires thorough skills and understanding of processes, underlying technology, and architecture. INTELILOGIX Inc. has helped many customers successfully implement such IAM systems to streamline their processes.